The Sidney Berry Family Moves in certain number one Mildred and I are happily married and we lived in a little apartment located in her apartment at her parents house on Flora Avenue and began to dream of having our own home. We never thought it would happen so close to where we were living but it did. The vacant house was directly across the street. We wanted to buy it but there was a problem one had to be 21 years old to own real estate in Georgia. We solved that problem by having the house put in my father-in-law’s name. It was fun to paint and decorate This Old House and make it our home. Her parents also lived with us. A year later our first daughter Janice was born. It was an exciting time and we really felt like a family. We also began to feel a need for privacy. At about this time my good friend Bill Snell told me about a friend of mine who needed to get a place to live near to his school and sell his little house on North Columbia Place. I was interested I was introduced to the couple and we worked out an agreement where he could read me the house for the use of my space in the house where Mildred parents what accept the agreement. They probably accepted the deal and we made the move. What a wonderful feeling to be living with my own family and a practically new home. It was here that Mildred made her decision to have additional children in spite of her doctors and struction against anymore. When she decided this we knew that a larger home would be necessary. Fortunately a new subdivision named Belvedere part was being built near by off Columbia Drive and we were able to select a three-bedroom brick house that was under construction. The house turned out to be just what we needed to accommodate the birth of twins daughters Denise and Darlene. This birth was a difficult one because of a bleeding problem. I was already scheduled to be transferred to Memphis Tennessee as a field representative. I called my supervisor Gladys Gunter and explain our situation and offered my resignation what a wonderful surprise her response was. She cancelled the transfer and gave me a better job in Atlanta. We enjoy the Belvedere Lane house very much but soon realized a bigger house was needed to accommodate a family of five and located a three bedroom split level house for sale nearby on Betty Circle in Decatur. My career was going very well at that time and brought several promotions at the Civil Service Commission. I was a night student at Georgia State University pursuing a Bachelors of Business Administration and management. Needless to say, it was a busy time with the limited time for family. I received an accepted an offer from the US Centers for Disease Control and prevention for a position of personnel generalist, GS – 9. This position was exactly what I always wanted but doubted it could be. A time past as time passed the three young daughters and sometimes a living friend or so needed more space on their own private bedroom, so we begin for the search for this and found an ideal match on Rowland Road and nearby Stone Mountain Georgia. A brick split-level with four bedrooms, living room and family room downstairs. Life here was very good for wife Mildred and she enjoyed spending time with the girls. She particularly like driving them places in one of the several convertibles we owned. The daughters blossomed into three beautiful women and soon met their husbands to be. My career was CDC was very successful and I achieved the highest rating of GS-14 outside of Washington DC. I kept off that position with early retirement at age 47. Mildred was still enjoying her job with Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur and would delay her retirement to a later day. Meanwhile Rowland Road became a sprawling big place for only two people so I begin looking for another place to live. I found a nice little brick two bedroom house on Oak Valley Road and Decatur which was ideal. It needed some updating such as a new heating system and some cosmetic work but otherwise great for two people. I first Mildred was unhappy about leaving her big and beautiful Rowland Road home but soon settled in and loved of valley. I never realized at the time involved how much of a burden this lifestyle change was for my wife Mildred. Only a great love on her part kept that from happening. Several happy years past at Oak Valley when a good friend told us about an opportunity to purchase a mobile home on Pine Island which was on a 100-foot wide Canal. We were familiar with the properties having visited our friends the Griggs they are many times so we sold Oak Valley a move to Pine Island Florida. For me this was like a dream come true. I have always enjoyed fishing and boating another bonus was bike riding and you could travel for miles on your bike and never see a moving car. The fishing was great and most always meant fresh fish for dinner. On top of this we had our own oyster bed and could go there for a mess of oysters whenever we wanted.  I was so busy enjoying all of this that I failed to notice how difficult it was for Mildred. She wanted to live or her family would be nearby and on the island we enjoyed the Belvedere Lane house very much but soon realized a bigger house was needed to accommodate a family of 5 and located a 3 bedroom split-level house for sale nearby on Betty Circle in Decatur. My career was going very well at that time and brought several promotions at the Civil Service Commission. I was a night student Georgia State University pursuing a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Management. Needless to say, I had limited time for family. I received and accepted an offer from the US centers for Disease Control and  Prevention for a position of Personnel Generalist, GS-14. This position was exactly

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