To Michael and MaryAnn

  • I remember when I showed you the picture of the butterfly I found.  You said immediately “swallowtail…Monarch”.  Then you went to get a book of some of the most beautiful butterflies I’d ever seen.  “I bought this book myself” you said…you were quite proud of it and you should be.  It is full of colorful treasure.

So this thank you is in no way anything that can capture the beauty of that day spent with you.  This drawing is only the impression of the original butterfly I found..if you could see how exquisite the original looked in comparison to the  poverty of this rendition of it would probably make you cry.  Yet in the end all we have left are our impression of things…and the impression may not include all that was in the original…but the impression and the memory still serve us.

The day we shared was full of beauty, laughter, relaxation, good things to eat.  Dad and John so enjoyed seeing each other.  They will again.  We will see each other again. Please accept this as a small token of our appreciation of that lovely day and thank you for sharing the butterflies!

Much love always

Denise and Sid

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