For the ones not yet with us

We are here to bring you light. It is a light that illuminates and magnifies everything around it. Sometimes we will also bring shadows of sadness. We promise you now that the joy we bring you will always overshadow the  darkness.  We are your sons and daughters, yet unborn.

We send this message to you at a time when we know we are but thoughts in your mind.  We will come to you when the time is right. Rest in this knowledge.  Our plans have been put into place long before you were born. We came into being as an intention…God’s very own and yours.

We are your future.  You will give us names, clothing school, pets, relatives. All of these things are wonderful and good. But what do you really need to give us is love and faith
.. these alone remain
So we call out to know. Keep us in your hearts and your dreams, until we can be with you.

Your sons and daughters.



2 thoughts on “For the ones not yet with us

    1. Thank you Mary Ann. I wrote this to my daughter and her husband for.their.first year anniversary. The crystal you see in the shadowbox was a personal gift to me before she was born so now I’m passing it on to her. They are getting ready to start a family so I thought this would be appropriate.

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