What is heaven like?

I know God will show unconditional love. I know God will show us the many ways He practices an unconditional love. This mighty force powers the Universe. Let us see how we can join the Creator and wield His awesome force. Yes, we will go into the goal-after all, we have forever to learn.

Many questions I have heard about heaven are like the one I heard about meeting people we knew on earth.  For example, how will we recognize the individuals we encounter?   Will they appear just as we remember them on earth or will we see them in a new dimension?  What changes will I notice in my wife Mildred…one of the few people closest to me on earth.  I believe she will radiate love and affection differently from anyone else  I’ve  known.

And what of the new faces that will stand out when we see them?  I believe it will show that unique feature given each of us as we pass from earthly existence to a heavenly one.  We were not designed to have a permanent home on earth but rather an eternal one in the ever expanding universe.  Expansion is accelerating all the time, creating a need for a vast amount  of humans necessary for co-creation.  At the same time, we rejoice with the Creator in the never-ending process.

On earth, I wondered how God could always be with us wherever we were in the universe at the same time we needed Him. Omnipotent-omnipresent. And it came to  me that He is in everything and every place that exists.

The wonderful news is that when we join him we have the same characteristics.  As the universe expands our knowledge records the event.   Now we adjust to a lifestyle based on endless change, so limits or borders to growth, so that no matter how many people are born on earth there
will always be space to accommodate them.

And so we must adjust our parameters of life. Time is meaningless as a parameter. Life has always been and always will be in the future. All matter is eternal. We cannot see, for instance, that man has existed since some date in the past or in the future. It is accurate to say he lives in the present, since the future is endless.

How can we describe forever? Life here on earth is billions of years old and research pushing known existence dates farther back in time and no end to the future is in sight. How can we live, not knowing of beginning or end. We must accept the answer that the universe has always and will always exist and expand. The universe is our existence so that we were always and will be so forever.

(The following should be on the book jacket cover as your introduction) You, the reader, may be wondering as you read – who is this Sidney Berry and why on earth would he have been selected to write this book? What were the reasons for his choice? I have asked myself this question many times. Perhaps because of a lifelong interest in human growth and development and an insatiable thirst for more answers was my guide in selecting jobs, Education, writing and asking questions, all the while working on a goal to know all that there is to know about God and the ever expanding Universe.

Sid has the honor to serve as Adjunct  Professor at Georgia State University and design and operate an off campus undergraduate class at The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.  Sid managed the Center’s Employee Development Program.  He served as the Lay Associate Minister at Belvedere United Methodist Church, and later founded and developed two personal businesses: Sid Berry & Associates Management Consulting Corporation and American Institutes for Management.  Sid worked with a luxury home development company with his brother John Berry in Watkinsville, GA.

He also served as an Economic  Developer for 20 NE Georgia  counties for the NE Georgia Planning & Development Agency.  Sid’s last position held was Coordinator  of the Faith, Hope & Charity Recycle Thrift Store in Ellijay, GA.

On a more personal level, Sid has interviewed and mentored hundreds of persons towards success.  In the course of caring for his wife Mildred for over ten years he has met and talked with a large number of medical health personnel, other patients and their family members.  These experiences have given him a broad base of knowledge on matters related  to health and healing.

Fortunately he has intimately known a former resident of Heaven-his wife of 64 years, Mildred.  He was with Mildred as she experienced an out of body sensation when she was in her early twenties and going through a dangerous childbirth.

Mildred was being interviewed by a representative from Heaven.  When I asked Mildred  “what is going on?” she replied “A decision is being made right now whether or not I enter heaven now or later.”  At that very moment she was dying from internal bleeding because of an incorrect diagnosis by the attending physician.   I ran to the nursing station and told the staff to get to her room fast, as she was hemorrhaging and severely at risk.  They then rushed into the room and began the treatment that would save her life.

I was privileged to meet and spend time with a man who had died and gone to heaven for a while until he was asked by some senior heaven leaders if he would mind returning  to earth for a little while to work on some problems needing his experience.  “I would rather not go back to earth,  he said, but the chance to do something back on earth appealed to me and so here am I.  How long eill I stay and what eas my specific  job were questions I asked at the beginning of each day   At times the question  was easy to answer and at others I never knew if my response was justified.  That’s  the way heaven is working for me.  I get this great feeling of service when I see positive results.  I also pray each day for God to let me return to heaven as soon as possible.   This method of communication  between  heavens’ residents seems so appropriate to me.  No formal interviews  or job descriptions or specific  objectives.  It will be up to the volunteer to observe what is happening,decide on an approach, and then solve the problem.   I have not seen ir heard from this pwrson in over ten years,but I feel for certain he was returned to heaven.

I am constantly awed and  thrilled with my assignment to write this book. What I do not know is whether it will be finished before I go to heaven.   I am 88 years old and a twice close to the time life on earth will end  and I will know exactly what heaven  is like.   The answer will come from the Creator.

What I am writing did not begin with a divine revelation but is emerging  from a life long intent in human growth and development.  This interest  can in turn be characterized by putting a giant puzzle together piece by piece.  How exciting  ut is that a heavenly way can be observed  by every person as a part of everything  material in the Universe.

His ability to be omnipotent omnipresent is easily understood if we remember he always has been and always will be and a piece of spirit is in every cell of everything existing now and the universe and for the future. Early and my Christian development I kept asking how is it that God can be everywhere in the universe at one time. The fact that he is and will always be because he designed it that way.  His ability to be omnipresent  and omnipotent is easy to understand if we remember He always has been and always will be and a piece of Spirit is in every cell of everything existing now in the Universe and destined for the future. Early in my Christian development I kept asking, how is it that God is everywhere in the universe at one time. The fact that He will always be because He designed it that way. I hope to describe this more fully as a book unfolds . For now, think about his unconditional love for us human beings. We hear that nothing can separate us from him. Think about it-separating yourself from God is like separating oneself from something that cannot be separated.

However I can face every confrontation secure in the knowledge that nothing ir no one has ever, or will be able to separate me or any other human being from Him.  That is what heaven is like.

Each day begins and ends without fear because we can be secure that God is invincible and we exist by His grace.

There is no night and sleep is no longer needed, nor is food and drink    There is not any waste disposal are purification system so that heaven is without any contaminants.   where are no calenders, telephones, computers, televisions, schedules or transportation systems, power lines, roads, sidewalks or mailboxes.  No worries with power and water supplies, no bathroom, no kitchen!

There are only beautiful blue skies, oceans and your very own staying place with accommodations for meetings and gatherings.

Then there is the light: a soothing, all-encompassing element that causes you to always feel accepted, wanted and needed.  The light is of great significance.  In earth, those people involved in life-ending experiences are temporarily exposed to this same powerful light and are beckoned by its pull to glory.

My sweet wife Mildred actually experienced this light in two in stances of near death as I stood next to her, and many others write of similar experiences!

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